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UltraSys 1 and UltraSys 3 now have handheld functionality!

Data Migration and Integration

The movement of data from one system to another is often a difficult process ranging from the creation of a simple extract to a dynamic real time interface between systems. Such data movements need to be fast, easy to perform (usually automatic) and, above all, accurate. We provide a rigorous and reliable service.

Our offering includes:

  • Definition of the requirement.
  • Assessment of the value of the data and the degree of cleansing and remodelling needed.
  • Detailed specification of the data transformation and operation models.
  • Analysis of all data sources, their composition and access methods.
  • Design and Build of required tables and interrelationships.
  • Development of new routines and programs.
  • Testing and implemention.
  • Delivery of all necessary training.