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UltraSys 1 and UltraSys 3 now have handheld functionality!

Software Application Design

This service provides all specifications necessary for a development team to produce a software application. Depending on the requirement, the design may be large or small and used by either an in-house team of developers or an external contractor.

The service offered is as follows:

  • Gain a full understanding of the requirement. This task will involve significant client participation.
  • The production of an outline specification of requirements embodying the understanding of requirement.
  • Production of a detailed specification of requirements which will become the full client specification and can be used as part of a tender document.
  • If the client wishes to proceed with the design process, then complete functional specification will be produced precisely defining the functionality of the software, and how it is to achieve it's purpose.
  • Production of a full behavioural specification with screen designs and user operations.
  • Finally, a full logical specification is produced detailing all tables and their associations; all primary and secondary keys are specified along with all fields and their formats.