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UltraSys 1 and UltraSys 3 now have handheld functionality!

A Helping Hand

There are many instances where the availability of short term professional support can be of real benefit to an organisation when trying to overcome particular issues or problems. MTAS have recognised this requirement and offer a wide range of expertise that will guarantee a satisfactory return and value for money.

The approach used includes:

  • Requirements gathering for proposal preparation.
  • The evaluation of the problem which may be straightforward but often, the remit becomes wider than first envisaged. For example, a client may be experiencing too much downtime in the production process but cannot isolate a specific cause. The evaluation may therefore, involve not only an assessment of the maintenance regime and its efficacy but also, may need to include other factors such as the production process design, specific machine operating specifications, operator training requirements and possibly, the quality of the raw materials used.
  • The provision of solutions geared to resource availability and cost. Each option is properly evaluated in terms of timescale, risk, cost and internal support.
  • The provision of support to project manage the solution chosen (see Project Management).
  • Support for implementation of Governance solutions, Sarbanes-Oxley, I .T .I .L.
  • Provide any necessary training.
  • Business Process Re-engineering, using Lean Six-Sigma Techniques e.g. Value Stream Mapping, Process Flow Mapping.