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UltraSys 1 and UltraSys 3 now have handheld functionality!


Business Intelligence

You cannot control income but you can control costs. Accurate, relevant and timely information can help you make significant savings by enabling you to take the right decisions at the right time.

Data Migration and Integration

Poor quality data or a lack of interfaces between systems leads to significant inefficiencies to the flow of business information; typically impacting on productivity, resulting in increased support costs. Our inovative approach to providing solutions for system merges, data cleansing and the interfacing of 3rd Party products, provides an integrated and sustainable approach to business problems.

Software Application Design

By using a proper, controlled approach to the functional design of software increases communication and provides a fundamental understanding of the proposed solution. The service we offer is extremely cost effective and with everyone on the same wavelength you will not only experience better control of timescales and budgets, but you will also produce software that actually does what it is supposed to!

Engineering Management

Balancing the ratio of proactive and reactive work can be the stuff of nightmares for maintenance and facility managers; particularly, when the pressure is on to do more with less resource. Our services are geared to keeping costs down but uptime (on the assets) high so that the Company can concentrate on its core business and keep its customers happy.

IT Systems Management

Struggling with equipment, software reliability or inadequate IT procedures is all too often to the detriment of the Company. We can help in the implementaion of new governance and disaster recovery procedures as well as improving the efficiency of your I.T. Department.

A Helping Hand

How often have you lived with a situation just because you do not have the time or resource to create or evaluate a proper solution? We are dedicated to providing cost effective, lasting solutions that will create genuine savings in time, resource and expenditure.

Programme and Project Management

Bad programme or project management will almost certainly produce expensive, over resourced and late solutions. Over the years we have gained a wide experience of programme and project management issues, covering most aspects of business. Much of this has been hard won during implementation and has been demonstrated in the range of large complex engagements we have undertaken.

Cloud Hosting Do you want to implement business systems without the need to have server rooms and operations staff?  Would you like to have capacity grow as your needs do, without the need to plan?  We are able to provide you with reliable cloud hosting based in world class datacentres.